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You are the common denominator of everything in your life.  You are also the only domain in your life over which you have any control.  So if you are wanting change, you are the way.  You are the answer.  YOU are the one you've been waiting for.

When we come to understand that no matter what has happened to us in our lives, we always have a say in how we move forward, life opens up. We must remember that we are the owners of our lives.  I am here to help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your experience and learn how to step into ownership of yourself and your life.    

Whether you're looking for relief from anxiety or depression, frustrated with feeling "stuck" in life, needing support through a difficult time, looking to change the way you relate to yourself and to others, wanting to stop destructive behavior, or you simply know that your life could be more and you want to figure out what you're holding back, I can help.  I use an integrative, individualized, holistic approach that draws from a variety of theories and disciplines, including Cognitive-Behavioral, Narrative, Trauma-Informed, Transpersonal, Solution-Focused, Spiritual Disciplines, and more.  My goal is for you to live a peaceful yet vibrant, full, and empowered life.  


Relationships are a vital aspect of life and play an invaluable role in creating a sense of meaning and fulfillment. Though they can be deeply rewarding, relationships can also offer very tricky challenges. Sometimes we find ourselves feeling frustrated, overlooked, unseen and unheard, perhaps even disconnected from someone with whom we used to feel so much love.  There may have been a betrayal that has turned everything upside down.  Maybe things feel different and we don't know why.  Or it could be that, while things are mostly good, we find ourselves having the same fights over and over again that we somehow can't seem to resolve.  Perhaps a big decision needs to be made that requires some help to work out.  Whatever has led you to seek out help, I am here to do just that.  

Whether you're here to try to reconnect and rebuild, get help with difficult conversations, learn how to navigate changes together, or find a more effective way of voicing feelings and advocating for your respective needs - this is a place to come to work on all of that and more.  


My Approach
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